Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Working With Bookmarks

A bookmark is a file containing a web URL, or a folder or attachment containing bookmarks. Clicking on a bookmark's icon displays the web page in your default browser.

CDE uses a file extension of .url to identify bookmarks. Double click the index.html icon in the Sample Bookmarks folder to read more about bookmarks in CDE.

Personal Bookmarks

The Folders subpanel of the Front Panel contains a Personal Bookmarks control. When you click the control, a File Manager view appears on the desktop. It is initially empty. You can create bookmarks to put in this folder. These URLs are then easily accessible through the Front Panel.

Creating Bookmarks

You can create bookmarks in any of the following ways:

You can create a bookmark using any URL that is normally available, such as URLs with http addresses.

Sharing Bookmarks

If you drop URL text or a bookmark file or folder onto the Front Panel mail icon, a Mailer Compose window appears with the corresponding bookmark as an attachment.