Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create a Hotkey for a Workspace Management Function

  1. From the Hotkey Editor window, click New.

  2. For Step 1, from the pull-down menu, select A workspace management function.

  3. In Step 2, select an option under Workspace Function:

    • Previous Workspace - Moves you to the previous workspace

    • Next Workspace - Moves you to the next workspace

    • Goto Workspace - Moves you to a specified workspace

    • Create Workspace - Creates a new workspace

    • Delete Workspace - Deletes a workspace

    • Pack Icons - Packs the icons in the workspace

    • Refresh All Windows - Updates all windows with any changes you made

    • Toggle Front Panel - Switches the front panel between the open and close state

    • Pass Keys - The defined pass key will override all existing hotkeys. Toggle the pass key hotkey to switch between the on/off modes.

    The Workspace Name listbox contains the workspace names as shown on the front panel. It also contains a system identifier in case duplicate names are created. The Workspace Name listbox is enabled only if the workspace function list on the left requires a workspace argument. If you are creating a new hotkey, the first option in the Workspace Function listbox is already selected.

  4. Under Step 3, in the text field, type the keystrokes of your choice that will act as the hotkey.

    To determine where the hotkey will be effective, click Show Details.

  5. (Optional) Specify where the hotkey will be active.

    • Everywhere - The created hotkey takes precedence over an application assigned hotkey

    • Only in application windows - The hotkey is effective only in an application window

    • Only on the desktop - Hotkey is effective only on the backdrop of the monitor

  6. Click Save As New.

  7. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

  8. In the main Hotkey Editor window, choose Save from the File menu.

    This will activate the hotkey.

Once you have completed creating a hotkey, you can begin creating another new hotkey without exiting the current Edit Key dialog box.