Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create an Automatic Reply (Vacation Message)

If you plan to be away from your mail for a period of time, such as during a vacation, you can set up an automatic reply to alert the senders of your incoming mail about your absence.

  1. Choose Vacation Message from the Options menu.

    The Vacation Message Options dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select On next to Vacation.

  3. Type the date you want the vacation reply to start under Start Date.

    The default is today's date.

  4. Type the End Date.

    Your vacation message takes effect at 12:01 a.m. or later of the Start Date, and ends at 12:01 a.m. of the End Date. If the start and end dates are the same, then the vacation notifier ends at midnight of the End Date.

  5. (Optional) Under "Interval between replies to repeat senders," set a number for the interval during which the sender will receive one automatic reply from you.

    The default is seven days. which means the senders of your incoming mail will receive only one automatic reply from you within seven days of your absence, regardless of how many messages they send you during that period.

  6. Type a subject and the text for your vacation message.

    The default for this field is "Out of the office." If you use the variable $SUBJECT in your message, the subject of the incoming mail will be quoted in your vacation message. For example:

    I am on vacation, and will read your message regarding "$SUBJECT" when I return.

  7. Click OK or Apply.

    Once your vacation message is on, Mailer adds [Vacation] to the mailbox name on the title bars of your Inbox and other mailboxes until your vacation message is off.

    Note -

    To stop sending your vacation message before the End Date, select Off next to Vacation, then click OK or Apply.