Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Transition Guide

Deleting Files

Like OpenWindows, CDE provides a trash or wastebasket facility. The Trash Can is a temporary store for objects (files and folders) to be deleted.

You can move selected objects to the Trash Can using drag-and-drop, by mapping certain menu items, or by pressing the Delete key. Once in the Trash Can, the objects no longer appear in their original folder.

In OpenWindows, you are offered the opportunity to empty the wastebasket when you exit File Manager.

To permanently remove the deleted files in CDE, you use the Empty Trash Can control on the Trash subpanel. To permanently remove the deleted files in OpenWindows, you use the Empty Waste button in the Wastebasket application, or you accept an option to empty the wastebasket that is presented when you are exiting File Manager.