Using Power Management

Accessing Dtpower

In previous releases, it was necessary to start the Dtpower software as superuser to edit the configurations. In this release, the program can be started in a number of ways, all of which allow you to change the configurations.

Note -

If you are unable to access Dtpower for editing purposes, it may be because you do not have the correct permissions. See the dtpower(1M) man page for details.

If Dtpower is already running, it may appear on your desktop as this icon:

Figure 2-1 The Dtpower Icon


To Start Dtpower Through the CDE Workspace
  1. On the CDE desktop, hold down the menu button on your mouse.

  2. From the pull-down list, select Tools.

  3. From the pull-down list, select Power Manager.

To Start Dtpower From the Applications Manager
  1. From the front panel on the CDE desktop, select Applications Manager.

  2. From Applications Manager, select Desktop_App.

  3. From Desktop_App, select Power Manager.

To Start Dtpower From the Command Line
  1. Start Dtpower:

    # /usr/dt/bin/dtpower &

Note -

Due to system initialization, Dtpower can take some time to launch.