Using Power Management

Power Management of Monitors

You can override the monitor power management from the overall system power management through the Dtpower GUI. When you change the idle time for monitor power, the idle time for all other devices and the system remains as it appears in the Default System Idle Time box; only the idle time for the monitor power changes.

When the screen goes blank, some monitors can power down, and then power up when you use the computer again. Other monitors will only blank the screen but not power down.

Power management of workstations that have two monitors (sometimes called a "double-headed system") is also handled through Dtpower. In such a case, both monitors receive the same idle time setting.

Note -

In some past versions of Solaris operating environment, power management for monitors was handled through your windowing system's screen-saver options, rather than through the Dtpower program. That is no longer the case. Power management for the monitor, disk drive, and system power are now all handled uniformly through the Dtpower program.

To Change Monitor Power Management
  1. Start Dtpower.

    This launches the Dtpower basic window.

  2. In the Dtpower basic window, select More.

    The Quick Edit tab is displayed.

  3. Check the Monitors button.

    The pull-down list for the monitors' idle time becomes active.

    Figure 3-3 Pull-Down List for Disks Idle Time


  4. Either choose a time from the pull-down list of idle times or enter a unique value.

    You must leave a blank space between the number you enter and the units. Abbreviate the units to Sec, Min, or Hr, as appropriate. Decimal values are accepted. For example, if you enter 1.5 Hr, the display idle time will be set to 90 minutes.

    If you enter a new value, it is added to the list and will be available the next time you use the pull-down list. The value will be displayed in the format that you entered it in the edit box.

  5. Click OK.

To Reactivate the Monitor
  1. Move the mouse or press any key.

This restores the power to the monitor, but you may find that your screen is locked. The screen lock option is set through the Style Manager in CDE. Unlike in previous versions of the Power Management software, the screen lock is now completely independent of the Power Management software. If your screen is locked, enter your password to return to the desktop.