Using Power Management

Dtpower Software

Dtpower launches a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you change your power saving scheme, or to designate periods of inactivity after which the devices (including the monitor and disk drives) and the system will go into a power saving mode.

You can also use the Dtpower GUI to set the time of day to activate the Suspend-Resume feature (called AutoShutdown when configured through Dtpower). For example, if you want the AutoShutdown feature to activate only after your regular work hours. On sun4u-architecture workstations, you can also activate the AutoWakeup feature of the Dtpower software, which will power on the system at a specific time following an AutoShutdown.

Power Saving Schemes

The simplest way to manage your system power is by selecting one of three power-saving schemes offered by the Dtpower program:

In addition to these three schemes, you can also create a customized power scheme, which is discussed in Chapter 3, Customizing Power Schemes.