Solaris Naming Administration Guide

NIS+ Group Member Types

NIS+ groups can have three types of members: explicit, implicit, and recursive; and three types of nonmembers, also explicit, implicit, and recursive. These member types are used when adding or removing members of a group as described in "The nisgrpadm Command".

Member Types

NIS+ groups also accept nonmembers in all three categories: explicit, implicit, and recursive. Nonmembers are principals specifically excluded from a group that they otherwise would be part of.

Nonmember Types

Nonmembers are identified by a minus sign in front of their name:

Group Syntax

The order in which inclusions and exclusions are entered does not matter. Exclusions always take precedence over inclusions. Thus, if a principal is a member of an included implicit domain and also a member of an excluded recursive group, then that principal is not included.

Thus, when using the nisgrpadm command, you can specify group members and nonmembers as shown in Table 12-2:

Table 12-2 Specifying Group Members and Nonmembers

Type of member 


Explicit member 


Implicit member 


Recursive member 


Explicit nonmember 


Implicit nonmember 


Recursive nonmember