Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Using Backup/Restore to Set Up Replicas

The NIS+ backup and restore features can be used to quickly down load NIS+ data on to a new replica server. For large namespaces this is much faster than nisping to obtain data from the master server.

Using nisbackup and nisrestore to set up a new replica is described in detail in Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide. Briefly, the steps are:

  1. Run nisserver on the master to create the new replica.

  2. Kill rpc.nisd on the new replica server.

    This interrupts the automatic transfer for namespace data from the master to the replica using the nisping command.

  3. Run nisbackup on the master server.

  4. Run nisrestore on the new replica to down load the NIS+ data.

  5. Restart rpc.nisd on the new replica