Solaris Naming Administration Guide

HINFO--Host Information

Example 28-8 shows the syntax of a host-information (HINFO) resource record:

Example 28-8 HINFO Record Format

[optional name] [optional TTL] 	class	HINFO hardware	OS

The host-information resource record (HINFO) contains host-specific data. It lists the hardware and operating environment that are running at the listed host. If you want to include a space in the machine name or in the entry in the hardware field, you must surround the entry with quotes. The name field specifies the name of the host. If no name is specified, it defaults to the last in.named host. One HINFO record should exist for each host. Example 28-9 is a sample HINFO resource record.

Example 28-9 Sample HINFO Resource Record

;[name]   [TTL] class HINFO   hardware    OS
                IN    HINFO   Sparc-10    UNIX

Caution - Caution -

Because the HINFO field provides information about the machines on your network, many sites consider it a security risk and no longer use it.