Solaris Naming Administration Guide

WKS--Well-Known Services

Example 28-10 shows the syntax of a well-known services (WKS) resource record:

Example 28-10 WKS Record Format

[Optional name] [TTL] class WKS address protocol-list-of-services

The Well-Known Services (WKS) record describes the well-known services supported by a particular protocol at a specified address. The list of services and port numbers come from the list of services specified in the services database. Only one WKS record should exist per protocol per address. Example 28-11 is an example of a WKS resource record.

Example 28-11 Sample WKS Resource Record

;[name]	[TTL]	class	WKS	address 	 protocol-list-of-services
altair		IN	WKS	 TCP ( smtp discard rpc
                                                 sftp uucp-path systat daytime
						 netstat qotd nntp )

Caution - Caution -

The WKS record is optional. For security reasons, most sites no longer provide this information.