Solaris Naming Administration Guide

CNAME--Canonical Name

Example 28-12 shows the syntax of a canonical-name (CNAME) resource record.

Example 28-12 CNAME Record Format

 nickname [optional TTL] class CNAME	canonical-name

The Canonical-Name Resource record (CNAME) specifies a nickname or alias for a canonical name. A nickname should be unique. All other resource records should be associated with the canonical name and not with the nickname. Do not create a nickname and then use it in other resource records. Nicknames are particularly useful during a transition period, when a machine's name has changed but you want to permit people using the old name to reach the machine. Nicknames can also be used to identify machines that serve some specific purpose such as a mail server. Example 28-13 is a sample CNAME resource record.

Example 28-13 Sample CNAME Resource Record

;nickname      [TTL]	class	CNAME	canonical-name
mailhost		IN	CNAME