Solaris Naming Administration Guide

PTR--Pointer Record

Example 28-14 shows the syntax for a pointer (PTR) resource record.

Example 28-14 PTR Record Format

 special-name	[optional TTL]  class	 PTR-real-name

A pointer record allows special names to point to some other location in the domain. In the example, PTR's are used mainly in the records for the translation of an address (the special name) to a real name. When translating an address, if the domain is fully qualified only the machine identification number need be specified. PTR names should be unique to the zone. The PTR records Example 28-15 sets up reverse pointers for the special domain.

Example 28-15 Sample PTR Resource Record

;special name   [TTL]	class	PTR-real-name
1			IN	PTR