Solaris Naming Administration Guide

All-Users Context

The username type creates a username context in which individual user contexts can be created and bound. User contexts and their subcontexts are created for each user name found in the NIS+ passwd.org_dir table unless the -o option is used. When the -o option is used, only the username context is created.

For example, running the command

# fncreate -t username org/sales/user/

creates the username context and effectively runs the command:

fncreate -t user org/sales/user/uname

Where uname represents the various user names that appear in the passwd.org_dir table. It also adds a binding for org/sales/_user/ that is bound to the reference of org/sales/user/.

The username context is owned by the administrator who executed the fncreate command. Individual user contexts and their subcontexts are owned by the users for which the contexts were created. Each user owns his or her own user context and subcontexts.

The -f option can be used to create contexts for a subset of the users found in the NIS+ table passwd.org_dir. It creates contexts for those users listed in the given input file.