Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Single User Context

The user type creates the user context and subcontexts for a user. A service subcontext and a binding for fs are created under the user context unless the -o option is used. When the -o option is used, only the user context is created.

For example, the command

# fncreate -t user org/sales/user/jjones/

creates the user context for the user named jjones and effectively runs the commands

fncreate -t service org/sales/user/jjones/service/
fncreate -t fs org/sales/user/jjones/fs/

The user context and its subcontexts are owned by the user for whom the contexts were created. In the above example, the contexts created are owned by the user jjones with NIS+ principal name

The username context (org/sales/user in the above example) to which the user belongs must already exist. The user name supplied should already exist in the NIS+ passwd.org_dir table.