Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Site Context

The site type creates contexts in which site names can be bound.

For example, the command

# fncreate -t site org/sales/site/

creates a site context. Because the terminal atomic name is a namespace identifier, fncreate also adds a binding for org/sales/_site/ that is bound to the reference of org/sales/site/.

The site context supports a hierarchial namespace, with dot-separated right-to-left names, which allows sites to be partitioned by their geographical coverage relationships.

For example, the commands

# fncreate -t site org/sales/alameda
# fncreate -t site org/sales/site/alameda.bldg-5

create a site context alameda and a site subcontext alameda.bldg-5 for it.

Note -

Because these terminal atomic names are not namespace identifiers, no additional bindings are added (as was the case with site and _site).

The site context created is owned by the administrator who ran the fncreate command.