Solaris Naming Administration Guide

File Context

The fs type creates a file system context (or file context) for a user or a host. For example, the command

# fncreate -t fs org/sales/user/petrova/fs/

creates the fs context for user petrova. Because the terminal atomic name is a namespace identifier, fncreate also adds a binding for org/sales/user/petrova/_fs/ that is bound to the reference of org/sales/user/petrova/fs/.

The fs context of a user is the user's home directory as it is stored in the NIS+ passwd.org_dir table. The fs context of a host is the set of NFS file systems that the host exports.

Use the fncreate_fs command to create file contexts for organizations and sites or to create file contexts other than the defaults for users and hosts. See "File Contexts Administration" for details.

The fs context created is owned by the administrator who ran the fncreate command.