Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Single Host Context

The host type creates the context and subcontexts for a single host. The command automatically creates a service context for the host and a binding for fs unless the -o option is used. When the -o option is used, only the host context is created.

For example, the command

# fncreate -t host org/sales/host/antares/

creates a context for the host named antares and effectively runs the commands

fncreate -t service org/sales/host/antares/service/
fncreate -t fs org/sales/host/antares/fs/

The host context and its subcontexts are owned by the machine. In the above example, the machine antares, with NIS+ principal name, owns the contexts:

The hostname context (org/sales/host in the above example) to which the machine belongs must already exist. The machine name supplied should already exist in the NIS+ hosts.org_dir table.