Solaris Naming Administration Guide

All Hosts Context

The hostname type creates a hostname context in which host contexts can be created and bound. Host contexts and their subcontexts are created for each machine name found in the NIS+ hosts.org_dir table unless the -o option is used. When the -o option is used, only the hostname context is created.

For example, running the command

fncreate -t hostname org/sales/host/

creates the hostname context and effectively runs the command:

fncreate -t host org/sales/host/hname

Where hname is the name of each machine found in the hosts.org_dir table. It also adds a binding for org/sales/_host/ that is bound to the reference of org/sales/host/.

The hostname context is owned by the administrator who executed the fncreate command. A host context and its subcontexts are owned by the machine for which the contexts were created. That is, each host owns its own host context and subcontexts.

The -f option can be used to create contexts for a subset of the hosts found in the NIS+ table hosts.org_dir. It creates contexts for those hosts listed in the given input file.