Solaris Naming Administration Guide

NIS Root Reference

When your enterprise level name service is NIS, the root reference address type is: onc_fn_nis_root. There are two required, and one optional, elements in a root reference network address. The elements are separated by white spaces:

root_domain server [server_IP_address]
Table 26-2 NIS Root Reference

Address Element 



The fully qualified name of the NIS domain (trailing slash required). 


The host name of one of the NIS servers (master or slave) serving root_domain.


The IP address of nis-server. This is optional if the address of nis-server is expected to be known. This means it should be available through one of the name services listed in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.

For example, suppose that the NIS domain is, and that it can be reached using the host The root reference would be:

The IP address of the server is not given in the example above because it is expected to be available through other means. If for some reason that IP address was not available through other means, the root reference would look like: