KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef enum {
     KcsFileProfile						= 0x46696C65,	/* File */
     KcsMemoryProfile						= 0x4D426C00,	/* MBl */
     KcsWindowProfile						= 0x7877696E,	/* xwin */
     KcsSolarisProfile						= 0x736F6C66,	/* solf */
 	KcsWindowProfile					= 0x57696E64, /* Wind */
     KcsProfileTypeEnd						= 0x7FFFFFFF,
     KcsProfileTypeMax 						= KcsForceAlign
 } KcsProfileType;

Each KcsProfileType entry is a 4-byte hexadecimal value that is translated into a 4-byte ASCII string. This string is used as a key to determine which KCMS CMM module to use when loading or saving the profile into KCMS.

KcsFileProfile and KcsMemoryProfile are always included with KCMS. KcsSolarisProfile and KcsWindowProfile are dynamically loaded when needed.

See "KcsProfileDesc" for details on using each type.

The type of color measurements depends on the specific device type. The default KCMS CMM supports scanner and monitor profile updates. For each of these devices, the color measurements are different. See Chapter 4, Functions for a complete specification of the measurements passed to KcsUpdateProfile() for each device type.