KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef unsigned long KcsSampleType;

KcsSampleType is the data type of a field in the KcsComponent structure. It is an enumerated constant with any of the values shown in Table 3-4. A variable of type KcsSampleType holds the data type of samples of each color channel.

The "C" API uses the KcsSampleType value with the compDepth field of KcsComponent. The compDepth field specifies the number of bits for each channel. For example, an RGB color space has three channels. If each represents its color in 8 fixed-point bits, the value of KcsSampleType is KcsCompUFixed.

Table 3-4 KcsSampleType Constants

Enumerated Constant 

Data Type of Channel 

#define KcsCompFixed						1

Signed fixed-point sample 

#define KcsCompUFixed						2

Unsigned fixed-point sample 

#define KcsCompFloat						3

Floating point 

#define KcsCompName						4

A named color space component