KCMS Application Developer's Guide


This icSignature is for the Solaris operating environment. Note the number definitions.

#if defined(sun) || defined(__sun)										/* 32-bit Solaris, SunOS */

 typedef long				icSignature;

  * Number definitions

 /* Unsigned Integer Numbers */
 typedef unsigned char						icUInt8Number;
 typedef unsigned short						icUInt16Number;
 typedef unsigned long						icUInt32Number;
 typedef unsigned long						icUInt64Number[2];

 /* Signed Integer Numbers */
 typedef char						icInt8Number;
 typedef short						icInt16Number;
 typedef long						icInt32Number;
 typedef long						icInt64Number[2];

 /* Fixed Numbers */
 typedef long						icS15Fixed16Number;
 typedef		unsigned long					icU16Fixed16Number;
 #endif /* 32-bit Solaris, SunOS */