KCMS CMM Reference Manual

KcsSolarisFile Class

The KcsSolarisFile class is a derivative of the KcsIO class. It is a Solaris-specific KcsIO class that provides member functions that:

Note -

The KCMS daemon, kcms_server, must be running to access remote files. Remote access is read only. See the kcms_server(1) man page.

The KcsSolarisFile class creates a pointer to a KcsFile or KcsRemoteFile object depending on the host location. The derived public methods (relWrite(), relRead(), getEOF(), and setEOF()) then call the KcsIO pointer to do the actual operation.

The header file for this class is kcssolfi.h.

The const and #define for this class are defined in the kcsids.h header file as:

const KcsId KcsIOsolfId = {(0x736f6c66UL)}; /* 'solf' */
#define KcsIOsolfIdd (0x736f6c66UL) /* 'solf' */

This class does not have any protected members; the public members are described.

Public Members

The KcsSolarisFile class provides the following public members.

Table 2-9 KcsSolarisFile Public Members

Public Member 


virtual KcsIO* getIO();

Returns the I/O pointer.  

KcsSolarisFile(KcsStatus *status,
 	const char *filename,
 	const char *hostname,
 	const int oflag,
 	const mode_t mode);

Constructs a new I/O object pointer to a file (full path and suffix not needed) either a remote or local machine. The file is opened with the specified permissions. See the open(2) man page for information on oflag and mode. 

virtual ~KcsSolarisFile();