KCMS CMM Reference Manual

KcsXWindow Class

The KcsXWindow class is a derivative of the KcsIO class. It provides an interface for the X11 Window System connection. It turns X11 information into filenames for access at known directories either on a local or remote system. The KCMS daemon, kcms_server(1) must be running to access remote files. Remote access is read only.

The KcsXWindow class creates a pointer to a KcsFile or KcsRemoteFile object depending on the host location which is derived from the X11 Window System information. The derived public members (relWrite(), relRead(), getEOF(), and setEOF()) then call the KcsIO pointer to do the actual operation.

The header file for the class is kcsxwin.h.

The const and #define for this class are defined in the kcsids.h header file as:

const KcsId KcsIOxwinId = {(0x7877696EUL)}; /* 'xwin' */
#define KcsIOxwinIdd (0x7877696EUL) /* 'xwin' */

In addition to the KcsIO methods overridden by this class, there are methods for creating filenames remotely or locally with X Window System information. See Table 2-4 for detailed information on the virtual functions that are minimally required to derive from the KcsIO class.

This class does not have any protected members; the public members are described.

Public Members

The KcsXWindow class has the following public members.

Table 2-10 KcsXWindow Public Members

Public Member 


	KcsIO* getIO();

Returns the I/O pointer. 

KcsXWindow(KcsStatus *status,
 	const Display *dpy, const int screen,
 	const Visual *visual, const long caller)

Constructs a new IO object pointer to a profile connected to the machine and display. The specific X Window System profile name is constructed. The location is either a known local directory or a path specified by the KCMS_XTERMINAL_PROFILES environment variable.

virtual ~KcsXWindow()


Constructing a KcsXWindow Profile Name

The X Window System profiles are created with the KCMS configuration program kcms_configure; see the kcms_configure(1) on-line man page for more information. The KCMS Calibrator Tool (kcms_calibrate) supplies monitor calibration, as well as configuration of the X profiles. See the kcms_calibrate(1) man page for more information.

X Window System visual profiles follow this naming convention:

<Visual Class><Visual ID in Hex>:<Display #>.<Screen #>

For example, for the PseudoColor visual on display 0, screen 0, with Visual ID 0x20, has the following profile name: PseudoColor0x20:0.0.

The Visual ID is provided with the visual argument as well as an indicator to one of the visual names ("StaticGray", "GrayScale", "StaticColor", "PseudoColor", "TrueColor", or "DirectColor").

Similar entries exist for the other visuals. X11 Window System visual profiles are overwritten when a system is recalibrated after setup. The base uncalibrated monitor profiles are in the /usr/openwin/etc/profiles directory; therefore, you can always reset the system, if for some reason one of the per-machine profiles is corrupted.