KCMS CMM Reference Manual

Protected Members

The KcsChunkSet class has the following protected members.

Table 3-1 KcsChunkSet Protected Members

Protected Member 


virtual KcsStatus
readChunkBuffer(const KcsChunkId aChunkId,
 	void *aChunk,unsigned long *aSizeRead,
 	unsigned long aSizeWanted = 0);

Reads a chunk of bytes indicated by a chunk Id. 

KCS_CHUNK_ID_ERR is returned if no chunk Ids match in the profile. Assumes the aChunk buffer is allocated. Get the buffer size with getChunkSize() which is defined in Table 3-2.

virtual KcsStatus
writeChunkBuffer(const KcsChunkId aChunkId,
 	void *aChunk, const unsigned long aSize,
 	KcsCompressBoolean aCompress = KcsCompress,
 	KcsLocationEnum aLocationEnum =
 	long aOffset = KcsNoOffsetSpecified);

Writes a chunk of bytes to a new chunk in the profile, given a void *. Returns a new chunk Id. If a particular location or offset is specified, other chunks are moved to write this chunk at the specified location.