KCMS CMM Reference Manual

External Loadable Interface

All KcsProfileFormat derivatives support runtime derivability. The base class supports the static createX(UID)() method like many of the other classes in the KCMS framework. It also supports createProfileFormat(KcsVersion)() for creation of new profile formats.

static KcsProfileFormat *createProfileFormat(
 		KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);
 // Create a profile format given a chunkSet that has
 // already been created.
 static KcsProfileFormat *createProfileFormat(
 		KcsStatus *aStat, KcsId aCmmId, KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 		KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);
 // Create a new profile format of a given version.

See the KCMS CMM Developer's Guide for more information on creating a KcsProfileFormat runtime derivative.