KCMS CMM Reference Manual

Constructing a KcsXWindow Profile Name

The X Window System profiles are created with the KCMS configuration program kcms_configure; see the kcms_configure(1) on-line man page for more information. The KCMS Calibrator Tool (kcms_calibrate) supplies monitor calibration, as well as configuration of the X profiles. See the kcms_calibrate(1) man page for more information.

X Window System visual profiles follow this naming convention:

<Visual Class><Visual ID in Hex>:<Display #>.<Screen #>

For example, for the PseudoColor visual on display 0, screen 0, with Visual ID 0x20, has the following profile name: PseudoColor0x20:0.0.

The Visual ID is provided with the visual argument as well as an indicator to one of the visual names ("StaticGray", "GrayScale", "StaticColor", "PseudoColor", "TrueColor", or "DirectColor").

Similar entries exist for the other visuals. X11 Window System visual profiles are overwritten when a system is recalibrated after setup. The base uncalibrated monitor profiles are in the /usr/openwin/etc/profiles directory; therefore, you can always reset the system, if for some reason one of the per-machine profiles is corrupted.