OpenWindows User's Guide

Starting Print Tool from the Command Line

When started from the command line, Print Tool looks at the following to determine the default printer:

  1. If the Print Tool was started in a Shell Tool or Command Tool, and the printer was specified with the -P command line argument, Print Tool uses that printer as the default. For example, the printer named mimeo is the default if Print Tool is started by typing printtool -P mimeo.

  2. If a printer was not specified with a command line argument, Print Tool looks for the environment variable $PRINTER (or $LPDEST, if the $PRINTER environment variable has not been set). If this environment variable is set, the printer it specifies becomes the Print Tool default.

  3. If neither a command line argument was specified, nor the $PRINTER (or $LPDEST) environment variable was set, Print Tool automatically selects the name of your system default printer.

All printers that are available to you are listed on the Printer scroll list. Printers are in separate directories under /etc/lp/printers. If you need to add or delete printers to your system configuration, you must use the admin tool. See System Administration Guide for more information.