OpenWindows User's Guide

Changing a Binding

To change a binding:

  1. Select the entry in the Binder base window scrolling list.

  2. Modify the Icon and File Type properties fields that you want to change.

    Make sure to click SELECT on the Apply and Save buttons to apply your Properties changes and then save them to the Binder database.

    If the binding that you want to change is a read-only entry, you can select the entry and then click SELECT on the Duplicate button to make a private copy of the entry. You can then modify your private copy of the Binder entry.

    For example, suppose you want to change the color that File Manager uses to display folders. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the entry default-dir in the Binder base window scrolling list.

    The footer message in the bottom right corner of the Binder indicates that this is a read-only entry.

  2. Click SELECT on the Duplicate button to copy the entry to your user database.

    A new Binder entry is created called unnamed_1, with all the same Icon properties as the original default-dir Binder entry. You can modify this new user entry.

  3. Rename the new Binder entry default-dir.

    This will put an entry called default-dir in your personal user Binder database. This personal entry will override the System or Network entry of the same name.

    Note -

    If you later create a second user entry called default-dir, only the entry created first will be recognized.

  4. Change the background color to the new desired color.

    You can either type in new RGB (red/green/blue) values in the Backgr Color text field, or click SELECT on the Backgr Color window button to display the Color Chooser. See the sections "Backgr (Background) Color" and "Using the Color Chooser Palette with Binder " for more information.

  5. Click SELECT on the Apply button.

    This updates the Icon name and color in the new Binder entry.

  6. Click SELECT on the Save button.

    This updates your database to include the new Binder entry.

    Now when you view the merged Binder databases (the All option of the View menu), your user entry will replace the System or Network entry of the same name. If you want to use the System or Network entry again, simply delete the User entry. The next time you start a new File Manager application, the color specified in your new user Entry will be used to display folders.