OpenWindows User's Guide

Workspace Properties Troubleshooting

These are problems you can experience while using the Workspace Properties.

Property Settings Are Not Preserved Across Sessions

This is due to an obsolete .xinitrc file. For more information, refer to "Problems with .xinitrc".

Colors Settings Are Not Taking Effect

If changes you made for the window foreground, data area foreground and background, then it might mean that XView doesn't respond to these resources yet.

Try to set window.color.foreground and window.color.background in $HOME/.Xdefaults manually for XView applications.

Message Regarding Colormap Usage

From the Color Properties, if you receive a message about colormap usage and the program can't continue, it might mean the colormap is full.

Try to exit the application(s) that make heavy use of colormap resources, restart the Properties and try again.

Fonts Extend Beyond Button Boundaries, Layouts Appear Misaligned

Some programs don't properly handle all font scales.

Icon Backgrounds Don't Match Workspace Pattern

XView applications control the icons, they don't use bitmaps.

Color Category Missing

Color settings availability is dependant on hardware.

Accented Characters Do Not Appear in C Locale

The C locale does not support 8-bit characters (that is, G1 set or right-hand side of the ISO 8859-1 character set, such as characters with diareses). Use the en_US locale to display 8-bit characters in the English language environment.

To empower the en_US locale you can pull down the Workspace Properties menu, under the category "Localization" select en_US.

Alternatively, if you are a Bourne Shell user you can add the following to your ~/.profile file:

LANG=en_US; export LANG

If you are a C-shell user you can add the following to your ~/.login file:

setenv LANG en_US