OpenWindows User's Guide

Display Canvas

The display canvas provides a region for the graphic representation of audio data. Sound data is represented graphically as a box. Silence is represented as a thin horizontal line.

Sound and silence data can be selected using the SELECT and ADJUST mouse buttons. An entire sound or silence segment is selected by double-clicking SELECT in the segment. Using ADJUST extends the selection to segment boundaries or to the hairline cursor position. Triple-click SELECT to select the entire audio file. (Audio selection in Audio Tool follows the same general conventions that are used for text selection throughout the Open Windows environment.)

In Figure 11-11, the selected audio data includes both sound and silence. Once a segment has been selected, clicking SELECT on Play activates only that selection.

Selected data can be dragged and dropped into other applications, such as Mail Tool and File Manager, or other invocations of Audio Tool. Using multiple Audio Tool windows enables you to assemble audio data from multiple files or break large files into smaller sections. Audio attachments to a mail file are discussed earlier in this chapter, as well as in the Mail Tool chapter.