OpenWindows User's Guide

Cursor and Pointer Location

Cursor and Pointer locations are displayed in the upper right corner of the Audio Tool window with time offset of (MM:SS.d), where MM is minutes, SS is seconds, and d is tenths of seconds. Whenever the mouse position marker is moved into the display canvas (and when a file is loaded) the marker is shown as a thin vertical line (hairline cursor), and its location is displayed as a time offset. In Figure 11-11, the cursor is located near the beginning of the audio file, location 0:01.4.

The Play/Record pointer information shows the location of the play/record position pointer in the display canvas. The position pointer marks the data that is currently being played, recorded, or where playing or recording will begin when the Play or Rec button is pressed. It also marks where include, drag and drop, and paste operations will occur. Clicking SELECT while the cursor is in the canvas moves the pointer to the hairline cursor location.