OpenWindows User's Guide


Properties... enables you to modify the functionality of Audio Tool. Click SELECT on this menu item to display the Audio Tool: Properties window, shown in Figure 11-19.

Figure 11-19 Audio Tool: Properties Window


The controls on the Audio Tool: Properties window are described in the following paragraphs.

Note -

Silence detection is automatically suppressed for audio file formats that have a sample rate greater than 16kHz, regardless of the silence detection setting in the Edit Properties... window.

Note -

Recorded audio can quickly use up disk space. Set the temp file directory to a file system that contains adequate disk space. Also, if you are using high sampling rates (e.g., CD or DAT format), you may have difficulty recording to a remotely mounted temp file system.

In addition, there are two buttons at the bottom of the Properties window, Apply and Reset. Use these buttons as follows: