OpenWindows User's Guide

Updating and Viewing Private Binder Entries

If you start Binder from the Workspace menu, or from the command line without any command-line options, you can save only the changes to your private user database. Most users will run the Binder application this way.

The first time you run the Binder application, all your bindings will be system or network entries. If you want to customize a system or network entry, you can copy it to your user database, and then modify the user entry. When you add a new binding, it will be added as a private entry.

A message in the footer of the Binder window tells you whether the currently selected entry is a Read-Only Entry. These are the system and network entries that you normally cannot modify. These entries can be duplicated into your private database and then modified. Refer to "Updating and Viewing System and Network Binder Entries" for more information.

Use the items on the View menu to determine the Binder entries displayed in the base window scrolling list, as follows: