OpenWindows User's Guide

Tape Tool Troubleshooting

This section describes some common problems you may encounter with the Tape Tool, and it offers possible solutions.

Checksum Errors

If you receive a checksum error when reading files from a tar tape, there may be a mismatch between the block size on the tape and the block size you specify.

To correct the block size, choose Block I/O from the Tape Tool Properties window. In the text field that appears, type the correct block size (the one from the tape).

Files Not Written to Specified Directory

If you retrieve files from a tape and they are not copied to the destination directory you specify, list the contents of the tape to see if the file names are preceded by an absolute path name. When you retrieve files that have an absolute path name, that path is used as the destination directory.

Tape Drive Not Recognized

Tape device names are not automatically included in your system configuration unless a tape drive is hooked up at the time of installation.

If you add a tape driver after the inital system installtion but did not reboot your system afterwards, you will get this error message. To reconfigure your system to include the new tape device name, shut down your system and reboot with the following flags:

At the ok prompt type:

boot -r

At the boot > prompt type:

b -r

At the ok prompt type:

boot -r

The new tape drive will appear in /dev/rmt.