OpenWindows User's Guide

Logging Out

When you are done working on the system, you will need to log out. If you are sharing a system, this allows other people to log in to your computer under their own accounts.

To log out:

  1. You must exit OpenWindows to log out. Press the MENU button and select Exit.

    A Notice appears asking you to confirm that you want to exit from OpenWindows.

  2. SELECT Exit.

    Normally, when you exit OpenWindows, the system automatically logs you out. However, if it does not, go to Step 3.

  3. Type exit (or logout) and press Return.

    The login: prompt appears, as shown in the example in Table 1-4. Now another user can log in under their own account and use the system.

    Table 1-4 Type Exit to Log Out
    genius% johndoe
    genius login: