OpenWindows User's Guide

Creating a New Mail File Using the Header Window Controls

Follow these steps to create a mail file using only the Header window controls:

  1. Select one or more messages to move or copy to the new mail file.

  2. Type the name of the new mail file in the Mail File text field on the Header window, and then click SELECT on the Move or Copy button.

    When you just type a file name, such as projectreports, Mail Tool puts the mail file in the Mail File directory that you specify from the Mail Filing Properties window. Alternatively, you can type a complete path name, such as /home/username/projects/projectreports, to put the mail file somewhere else in your file structure, or you can type a relative path name, such as projects/projectreports, to put the mail file in a subdirectory of your Mail File directory.

    The new mail file becomes the first and default item of the Move, Copy, and Load menus.

  3. Click SELECT on the Move or Copy button.

    The new mail file is created, the selected messages are moved to the new file, and a message is displayed in the footer of the Header window.