OpenWindows User's Guide

Retrieving a Portion of the Files from a Tape

To retrieve a particular portion of the archived files from a tape cartridge (providing they were initially archived with the SunOS tar command, or through Tape Tool), follow these steps:

  1. Click SELECT on the Props button to display the Tape Tool Properties window and confirm that you have the correct options set.

    You may want to check the Tape Tool Properties window each time you retrieve files, since the settings are not saved if you quit Tape Tool and start it up again.

  2. Insert the tape into the tape drive.

  3. Click SELECT on the List button in the Tape Tool window.

    A Tape Contents window displays listing the files on the tape. If there are a large number of files, it may take several minutes for the listing to be complete. Figure 12-6 shows a list of files in Tape Tool's scrolling window.

    Figure 12-6 File Listing from a Tape Showing Two Files Selected


  4. Click SELECT on the files you want to retrieve from the list.

  5. Type the destination path, if necessary.

    If you want the destination path to be somewhere other than the path you specified when the files were written (copied) to the tape, type it in the Destination text field.

  6. Choose Read -> Selected from the Tape Tool base window.

    Alternatively, because the Selected option is the default, you can just click SELECT on the Read menu button.