OpenWindows User's Guide

Extras Menu

There is an additional item on the Text Pane pop-up menu, called Extras, that is not a button in the Control area (as File, View, Edit, and Find are). This menu contains some useful filters to format the selected text. You can customize the Extras menu and define your own set of filters available from the Extras menu. See "Customizing Your Text Editor" for information about how to define your own set of filters. This section describes the default Extras menu.


Choose Format to reformat selected long lines of text into physical lines of no more than 72 characters. This is useful, for example, when reading mail with lines longer than the width of the window. Formatting text before printing is also useful to make sure the lines will not be truncated by the printer.

Format uses the UNIX fmt command. It does not split words between lines, and it preserves blank lines and the spacing between words.

Note -

Format (and fmt) work only on lines of no more than 1024 characters.


Use Capitalize on the Extras menu to capitalize selected text.

Shift Lines

Choose the Shift Lines item to insert or remove a Tab character at the beginning of each line in the selected text. Use the Shift Lines submenu to specify whether to shift right or left. Shift right inserts a Tab character, and shift left removes a Tab character.

Pretty-print C

This item uses the UNIX indent command to format C program listings. It formats the selection according to standard specifications, or to the specifications of the file if you have one.

Insert Brackets

You can use the Insert Brackets item to quickly insert any of the following type of brackets around the selected text, depending on which item you choose from the Insert Brackets submenu: ( ), [ ], { }, or " ".

Remove Brackets

Choose the Remove Brackets item to remove any of the following types of brackets around the selected text, depending on what item you choose from the Remove Brackets submenu: ( ), [ ], { }, or " ".