OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide Specifying the Font for a Single Window

This section describes how to open a single application with a modified font style and point size. Note that changes cannot be made to existing windows; you must start a new application to display the new font. To start a new application, you type its application name on a command line.

The basic command, shown below, specifies the application name, the -fn (font name) option, and the font style and size. The ampersand (&) returns your system prompt to the window after you type the command; this enables you to continue using that window.

$ application -fn fontstyle-pointsize &

The following are examples of how to use the command to open an application with a specified font style and size.

Use the -fn option with any application and any font style and size you choose. " The Available Font List"describes how to list all the fonts available for OpenWindows applications.