OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide Making Font Assignments Permanent

If you find that you are repeatedly running applications with customized fonts, you might like to add the customization to your workspace menu. You can do this using the Programs Menu category of Workspace Properties. This will save you the effort of typing the command-line options every time. For example, if you often want to run the text editor with a larger point size, you could add the following command line to the programs menu:

textedit -fn lucidasans-typewriter-14

You can have more than one instance of the same application in your programs menu if you want them to have different font sizes. This is useful if you run an application at a variety of different point sizes. For instance, you may want to have the option of running a text editor using 12, 14, or 18 point fonts. You would add the following commands to your programs menu:

textedit -fn lucidasans-typewriter-12
textedit -fn lucidasans-typewriter-14
textedit -fn lucidasans-typewriter-18

Once you have customized your programs menu from Workspace Properties in this way, you can invoke the text editor at any of these point sizes simply by selecting the appropriate item from your programs menu.

Note -

Command lines added to the programs menu should not be followed by an ampersand (&).