OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

10.5.5 Error Messages

Error messages you might get while running Calibrator Tool are described below. Swap Space

Swap space errors indicate a memory allocation error. You may have too many applications running or you may need more swap space. The following swap space error messages tell you to quit some applications and restart Calibrator Tool: Package Installation

Package installation errors indicate that the KCMS packages were not installed properly. The following package installation error messages tell you to reinstall the KCMS packages: Puck Connection

Puck connection errors indicate a communication problem with Calibrator Tool and the calibration puck. You may not have the puck connected firmly in a port or connected to the correct port.

IA only -

The puck must be connected to port 1.

The following puck connection error messages tell you to check that the calibrator is plugged in firmly to either serial port A or serial port B of your workstation: OWconfig Data

OWconfig error messages indicate that data in the OWconfig data base is corrupted. Check your OWconfig file for an incorrect entry. You should EXIT and restart Calibrator Tool. Device Handler

The device handler error message indicates there is no device handler for the selected device. Calibrator Tool cannot load the calibration module. You should install the device handler in the /usr/openwin/etc/devhandlers directory or select another device. Module Initialization

The module initialization error indicates that a module was not able to finish initialization. You need to EXIT or use another shared object. Incomplete Module Measurement

Incomplete module measurement error messages indicate that the module did not successfully complete measuring your monitor's luminance. This is usually caused by you pressing the Stop button. You should EXIT Calibrator Tool or Close the dialog and restart calibration. Invalid Profile

The invalid profile error messages indicates you cannot calibrate the profile you have selected. You should select a valid profile. Private Colormap Entry Allocation

The private colormap entry error message indicates that Calibrator Tool could not allocate the entry. You need to make sure you are running the window server with an available dynamic visual because Calibrator Tool specifies its own color(s). You should either EXIT Calibrator Tool or restart calibration.