OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

C.2.1 SPARC: Using the Remapping Script

Follow these steps to create and use your remapping script:

  1. Create a file called using any text editor.

    This can be in any directory. Step 4 must occur in the same directory in which you create this file.

  2. Type in the script as shown in "C.2.1.1 The Script"

    Any line with an exclamation point in front of it is a comment line, and does not execute any operation.

  3. Save the changes and quit the editor.

  4. At the prompt, type:


    You must be in the same directory as the script file.

  5. Click a mouse button in the Workspace to make the script take effect.

    Once you have completed these steps you can use the keyboard so the keys are mapped for a left-handed person.

    Type the following script into the file, as described in Step 1.

C.2.1.1 The Script

! Data for xmodmap to set up the left and right function keys
! for left-handed use on Sun Type-4 keyboard. To use this data,
! type the following where <filename> is the name of the file
! (i.e.,
! xmodmap <filename>
! The comments below correspond to the keycode assignments
! following immediately thereafter.
! swap L2 (Again) with R1 (Pause)
! swap L3 (Props) with R6 (KP_Multiply)
! swap L4 (Undo) with R4 (KP_Equal)
! swap L5 (Front) with R9 (KP_9)
! swap L6 (Copy) with R7 (KP_7)
! swap L7 (Open) with R12 (KP_6)
! swap L8 (Paste) with R10 (KP_Left)
! swap L9 (Find) with R15 (KP_3)
! swap L10 (Cut) with R13 (KP_1)
! chng R3 (Break) to L1 (Stop)
! chng R2 (Print) to R10 (Left)
! chng R5 (KP_Divide) to R12 (Right)
! chng Linefeed to Control-R
keycode 10 = R1 R1 Pause
keycode 28 = L2 L2 SunAgain
keycode 32 = R6 R6 KP_Multiply
keycode 54 = L3 L3 SunProps
keycode 33 = R4 R4 KP_Equal
keycode 52 = L4 L4 SunUndo
keycode 56 = R9 R9 KP_9 Prior
keycode 77 = L5 L5 SunFront
keycode 58 = R7 R7 KP_7 Home

keycode 75 = L6 L6 SunCopy
keycode 79 = Right R12 KP_6
keycode 100 = L7 L7 SunOpen
keycode 80 = Left R10 KP_4
keycode 98 = L8 L8 SunPaste
keycode 102 = R15 R15 KP_3 Next
keycode 121 = L9 L9 SunFind
keycode 104 = R13 R13 KP_1 End
keycode 119 = L10 L10 SunCut
keycode 30 = L1 L1 SunStop
keycode 29 = Left R10 KP_4
keycode 53 = Right R12 KP_6
keycode 118 = Control_R
add control = Control_R