OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

C.2.2 SPARC: Undoing the Keyboard Remapping

There are two ways to switch the keys back to their original settings. The first is to exit the OpenWindows software and start it up again. The second method, which is much preferable if you may want to switch the keys back periodically, is to create a second script and initiate it any time you want to switch back.

Follow these instructions to create the second script:

  1. Use any editor to create a file called

    This must be in the same directory that contains the script.

  2. Type in the script as shown in "C.2.2.1 The Script"

    Any line with an exclamation point in front of it is a comment line, and does not execute any operation.

  3. Save the changes and quit the editor.

  4. At the prompt, type:


    For the file to take effect, you must enter the previous command in the same directory as the script file.

C.2.2.1 The Script

! Data for xmodmap to reset the left and right function keys
! after being set for left-handed use on the Sun type-4 keyboard. 
! To use this data, type the following where <filename> is the name 
! of the file.
! xmodmap <filename>
! Reassign standard values to left function keys.
keycode 10 = L2 L2 SunAgain
keycode 32 = L3 L3 SunProps
keycode 33 = L4 L4 SunUndo
keycode 56 = L5 L5 SunFront
keycode 58 = L6 L6 SunCopy
keycode 79 = L7 L7 SunOpen
keycode 80 = L8 L8 SunPaste
keycode 102 = L9 L9 SunFind
keycode 104 = L10 L10 SunCut
! Reassign standard values to right function keys.
keycode 28 = R1 R1 Pause
keycode 29 = R2 R2 Print
keycode 30 = R3 R3 Scroll_Lock Break
keycode 52 = R4 R4 KP_Equal
keycode 53 = R5 R5 KP_Divide
keycode 54 = R6 R6 KP_Multiply
keycode 75 = R7 R7 KP_7 Home
keycode 77 = R9 R9 KP_9 Prior
keycode 98 = Left R10 KP_4
keycode 100 = Right R12 KP_6
keycode 119 = R13 R13 KP_1 End
keycode 121 = R15 R15 KP_3 Next
! Reassign the Linefeed key as such and remove from control map.
remove control = Control_R
keycode 118 = Linefeed