NIS+ Transition Guide

Domain Size Compared With Number of Domains

The current NIS+ implementation is optimized for up to 1000 NIS+ clients per domain and for up to 10 replicas per domain. Such a domain would typically have 10,000 table entries. The limitations come from the current server discovery protocol. If you have more than 1000 NIS+ clients, you should divide your namespace into different domains and create a hierarchy.

Creating a hierarchy, however, may introduce more complexity than you are prepared to handle. You may still prefer to create larger domains rather than a hierarchy; because one large domain requires less administration than multiple smaller domains. Larger domains need fewer skilled administrators to service them, since tasks can be automated more readily (with scripts you create), thus lowering the administrative expense. Smaller domains provide better performance, and you can customize their tables more easily. You also achieve greater administrative flexibility with smaller domains.