NIS+ Transition Guide

Client Support in the Root Domain

In the two Doc Inc., domain hierarchies illustrated in Figure 2-2 and Figure 2-3, are all the clients placed in domains beneath the root domain? Or do some belong to the root domain? Is the purpose of the root domain to act only as the root for its subdomains, or will it support its own group of clients? You could place all clients in the lowest layer of domains, and only those used for administration in the root and any intermediate domains. For example, if you implemented the plan in Figure 2-2, all clients would belong to the,, and domains, and only clients used for administration would belong to the .com. and domains.

Or you could place the clients of general-purpose departments in higher-level domains. For example, in Figure 2-3, where the domain is organized by building, you could put the clients of the Facilities Department in the .com. domain. It is not recommended that you do so, however, because the root domain should be kept simple and relatively unpopulated.