Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

4.2 Agents Resource Configuration Files

The Agents Resource Configuration files are used exclusively by the Master Agent. As soon as the Master Agent becomes active, it reads these files. These files store information for all those agents that the Master Agent may manage. Each entry in the configuration files also includes methods for invoking these subagents. Although a subagent might not have a configuration file, the subagent may dynamically register with the Master Agent when it becomes active. More information about dynamic invocation and registration of subagents is described in "3.2 Description of the Subagent".

Each agent may have its own resource configuration file when it opts for invocation by Master Agent and for static registration. This file contains information about the registration file associated with the subagent, in addition to the other information related to invoking the subagent. The agents registration file is described in "4.2 Agents Resource Configuration Files".

The following example shows the grammar for the resource configuration files.

<ResourceFile> : Resource | Environment Resource
<Resource> : "resource" "=" "{" ResourceList "}"
<ResourceList> : /*empty*/ | ResourceList ResourceItem
<ResourceItem> : "{" StringList "}"
<Environment> : "environment" "=" "{" EnvironmentList "}"
<EnvironmentList> : /*empty*/ | EnvironmentList
<EnvironmentListItem> : EnvironmentToken "=" Number
<EnvironmentToken> : "poll-interval" | "Max-agent-time-out"
<Number> : Integer
<StringList>: StringItem | StringList StringItem
<StringItem> : StringToken "=" QuotedString
<StringToken> : "registration_file" |"policy" | "command"
<QuotedString> : """ AlphanumericString """

The following example shows the snmpdx.rsrc and mibiisa.rsrc files.

Descriptions of the variables used in the configuration file follow the example. The comment lines begin with the # character.

environment =
poll-interval = 5 # This is in seconds
max-agent-time_out = 10000000 # This is microseconds

resource =
registration_file = /etc/snmp/conf/mibiisa.reg
security = "/etc/snmp/conf/snmpd.conf
type = "legacy"
policy = "spawn"
command = "/usr/lib/bin/mibiisa -p $PORT"

4.2.1 Environment Group

The environment group controls the behavior of the Master Agent. This group contains the following two variables:

4.2.2 Resource Group

The variables in the resource group are related only to subagents. The previous example configuration file contains two entries. Each entry represents a subagent and may have the following variables with some value assigned: