Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

Property Editor: Common Buttons

The following functional push buttons or menu buttons are common to many property editors. The buttons at the bottom of the property editors (OK, Apply, Reset, Cancel, and Help) are common to other editors and dialog boxes.


Displays a property editor of the selected type; use this when you want to edit a specific object type while viewing other types of objects in the Revolving Property Editor.

Add Item

Adds an item after the selected item in the Items list. Added items are given default names starting with "Item1" and incrementing, as needed. By default, items are added after the selected item.


Performs edit functions (Add After, Add Before, Change, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete) in a list. Add After and Add Before add an item to the list either after or before the selected item. Change applies the change that you have made. Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete act on the selected item, in the normal way: Cut and Copy place the selected item in a buffer, ready for Paste. Delete removes the item, but does not place it in a buffer.


Displays the Attachments Editor; there is no Attachments button on the Main Window, Menubar, Custom Dialog, or Paned Window property editors.

Help Text

Displays the Help Editor.


Displays the Connections Editor.


Applies the changes made to the selected object and dismisses the editor; changes to properties are marked with change bars at the left side of the editor.


Applies the changes made to the selected object, but does not dismiss the editor.


Resets all changes made since the last Apply.


Resets all changes made since the last Apply and dismisses the editor.


Displays help for the editor. See "Creating Help and Help Connections" for information about App Builder help.