Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

Menubar Property Editor

Only properties unique to a menu bar object are described here. See "Property Editor: Universal Properties" for descriptions of Object Type, Objects, Object Name, Initial State, and Color. See "Property Editor: Common Properties" for descriptions of Items, Item Label Type, Label, Pulldown Menu, and Item State (Active).

Item Mnemonic

Specifies one of the letters in the selected item as a keyboard shortcut for displaying the menu. The letter specified will be underlined in the menu bar. In test mode and in the compiled application, the menu will be displayed if you hold down the Alt key and press the mnemonic letter (case is irrelevant) while the window that contains the menu bar has focus.

Item State, Is Help Item

Specifies that the selected item is the Help menu. The Help menu appears at the right edge of the menu bar and has a built-in connection to the online help mechanism. The item labelled "Help" is the help button, by default.